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How long has it been since you've checked the interest rate on your home loan?

If you've been in your home for a period of time, now may be a good opportunity to review your financial situation and ensure you still have a home loan that works best for your circumstances. 

Oftentimes, our interest rates are an area of our finances that can be overlooked and it can really benefit to have an experienced mortgage broker to keep an eye on things for you.

As part of our service to clients, we undertake a periodic review to see what further benefits can be gained. We appreciate the importance of ensuring that your investments work for you and over time that can change as interest rates change and the banking industry evolves. If you have an existing home loan it may well be that there are additional savings to be made. 

This might involve the consolidation of a credit card, a personal loan or perhaps a restructure of existing debt. Importantly, at Astute, we look at all costs involved to ensure genuine savings.

In this video, Tony Duncan looks at what it means to Refinance and the importance of working with an experienced mortgage broker to support you through the refinance process from end to end.

In 60 seconds, understand how much you could save or spend on what matters most to you. Use our calculator to learn more.

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