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Home Loan Finance

The ins and outs of Home Loan finance

In the market to buy a home? This is an introduction to an experienced mortgage broker, Tony Duncan. Here, he shares how the Astute East Brisbane team can assist you to secure the home you want, with lending appropriate to your circumstances.  

It can be a complicated process to buy a home- there's a lot to know. From deciding which bank or lender to use, to finding a competitive home loan rate and also to secure finance terms that work for your long term goals. It can really make a difference to use an experienced mortgage broker to navigate this process on your behalf. 

If you're an existing homeowner and looking to transition to another home, then you can find out fact sheet here.


 In 60 seconds, understand how much you can borrow to buy your dream home or investment property. Use our Borrowing Capacity Calculator Now.

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A Few Things to Know

If you're a first home buyer and looking for some more information about the path to purchasing your first home, we have compiled a list of Key Things to Know before purchasing your first home.  

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