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Drawing on his industry experience, Tony Duncan shares his thoughts on industry changes, home loan requirements and a number of important areas to consider when planning your first home purchase or your next property investment. 

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Home Loans Brisbane | A Recent Success Story

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Securing a Home in Three Weeks: A Remarkable Real Estate Transaction

In the world of real estate, timing is often critical. And Brisbane continues to be a highly competitive market where properties are in demand and selling fast. A couple, already homeowners, decided it was time to upgrade to a larger property. Their strategy was to sell their existing home to boost their borrowing capacity for their dream residence. However, this seemingly straightforward plan took an unexpected turn when their purchase contract wasn’t subject to the sale, setting a tight three-week window for them to secure a new home loan.

The Challenge: An Urgent Need for a New Home Loan

Having successfully sold their initial property, the couple had found their ideal home and signed the contract without consulting their lender or solicitor. However, their lender was unable to approve the loan before the sale had settled, putting them in a precarious situation. With multiple backup offers already on the table for this property, the clock was ticking.

The Solution: The Astute Financial East Brisbane Team

In a race against time, Astute East Brisbane was able to assist and the couple engaged our award-winning mortgage broking team.

Despite the pressure cooker of circumstances, our mortgage brokers calmly and methodically guided the couple through the process, including determining the right lender and terms to pursue. We understood the nuances of the predicament and worked to ensure that the home loan would be secured within the three-week timeframe.

A Successful Outcome: Achieving the Impossible

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Astute East Brisbane team, the couple's dream of upgrading to a larger property became a reality. The new home loan was secured just in the nick of time, minimizing the period during which the couple found themselves without a home.

“The entire team at Astute Financial East Brisbane are undoubtedly the best in the market. Their dedication, professionalism, and expertise in making the impossible possible have left us eternally grateful. We cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you, Astute East Brisbane, for turning our dreams into reality.” - Client

Expertise and Precision in Real Estate Transactions

If you’d like to know more about securing finance pre-approval for your property search or you’d like to know if the pre-approval you have might need to be reviewed please reach out and we’d be pleased to have a discussion. If you’d like to get started on working with us, please compete the enquiry form below and one of our team members will be in touch.

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