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Astute East Brisbane's Finance Insights

Drawing on his industry experience, Tony Duncan shares his thoughts on industry changes, home loan requirements and a number of important areas to consider when planning your first home purchase or your next property investment. 

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Is the Contract Subject to Fail? Ensuring You Have the Right Finance Approvals for a Successful Purchase

As your mortgage broker, our goal is to ensure you have everything in place for a smooth and successful property purchase. One critical aspect of this process is securing the right finance approvals before moving forward with a purchase contract. Here are key points we need to consider to make sure your contract isn't at risk.

1. How Old is Your Pre-Approval?

Pre-approval validity typically ranges from 60 to 90 days. Check the expiration date of your pre-approval. If it's approaching or has expired, we need to renew it to avoid any potential delays or complications. Let’s ensure your pre-approval is up-to-date and ready for action.

2. Has Your Pre-Approval Been Fully Assessed?

Ensure your pre-approval has undergone a thorough assessment. Some pre-approvals are only a preliminary review of your financial status. Make sure your pre-approval has been fully assessed, meaning the lender has thoroughly reviewed your income, expenses, and credit history. This provides a more solid foundation and reduces the risk of your finance falling through.

3. Are You Dealing with a Bank or a Broker?

Understand the difference between dealing directly with a bank and using a mortgage broker. Consider the benefits of each option. A bank may offer specific products, while a mortgage broker can provide access to a broader range of lenders and products. I can offer insights into various lender policies and help find the best fit for your needs.

4. Is Your Interest Rate Competitive?

Ensure the interest rate on your pre-approval is competitive. Compare the interest rate on your pre-approval with current market rates. If you initially obtained pre-approval during a period of higher rates, you might benefit from re-evaluating your options. I can assist in searching for a more competitive rate or a more appropriate product, potentially saving you time or money over the life of the loan.

5. Are You Still Within Your Pre-Approval Parameters?

Maintain financial stability within the pre-approval parameters. Avoid significant financial changes after receiving pre-approval, such as taking on new debts or changing jobs. Such changes can affect your borrowing capacity and jeopardise your approval status. Stay within your pre-approved limits and maintain a stable financial profile.

6. Have Property Prices Moved?

Account for fluctuations in property prices. The real estate market can change rapidly, as we have seen these past two years right across East Brisbane. If property prices have risen since obtaining pre-approval, you may need to reassess your budget and borrowing capacity. Stay informed about market trends and, if necessary, adjust your pre-approval amount to align with current property values.


By addressing these key points, we can help ensure you have the right finance approvals in place, reducing the risk of contract failure. Regular communication and proactive planning are essential in guiding you through the financing process and achieving a successful property sale.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. As your mortgage broker, I'm here to provide support and resources, making your journey smoother. Let’s work together to ensure your sale goes through seamlessly. If you’d like more personalised advice, simply arrange an introduction, and we'll handle the rest.



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